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Case study: Travel Agency

Travel Planner is the travel agency with the most reviews in Romania from its clients. It has over 21000 reviews and in over 12 years of activity, it has provided holidays for over 100.000 people.

Marketos responsibilities:

Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing, Google & Facebook Promotion

Scope of work:

Increase the number of orders, increase AOV & CRO


Improve Conversion Rates and Increase Sales from Google and Facebook

Budget and Useful Links:

Conversion rate optimization budget + strategy €8,000

Budget Paid Monthly: €15,000+

Marketos Story – Travel Planner

The client acknowledged that if they wanted to scale this business they needed to make major changes to the website and improve their online marketing approach. He turned to Marketos to make them happen.

The issues

  • Following the audit in the area of conversion rates, we identified major issues in conversion. Virtually all pages, especially the hotel and checkout pages needed major changes. Also, the whole customer journey had to be rethought.
  • No email marketing strategy
  • Facebook and Google sales were very low compared to the volume of demand.
  • There was no well-defined medium-term branding strategy

The owner of the company understood the problems he was facing and turned to us, initially for consulting and auditing on the conversion rate optimization part, and after the implementation of the new website we took over the whole online promotion part.


Our primary objective was to improve conversion rates, increase the number of quality visitors to the site and increase retention rates. We focused on providing as visually pleasing an experience as possible, as well as providing quality content on as many products as possible.


Market Research and Site Audit Conversion Rates

A focus group was conducted internally to analyze key competitors. The file with all competitors and observations is still used today, mostly to check them out and see how they are doing :). In parallel, a full audit of the site was done on the area of conversion rates.

Wireframes & Copywriting

The analysis of the site allowed us to understand where the flaws and problems were. Based on this information, we were able to prepare a new information structure in which we grouped the features we thought should go together and exposed/hidden them according to how often they were used by actual users of the product.

We also prepared a completely new visual hierarchy in which we highlighted important actions and gave users a better understanding of their current progress in rewriting an article.

With the insights, we gained from our user testing, plus the Marketos team’s experience and heuristic methodology from dozens of projects over the years, we were able to build a redefined user flow. We made wireframes for all the major pages where elements were positioned. These were taken over by their design team and they also handled the implementation.

Wireframes and sales copy (especially on the product side) were prepared and tailored specifically for customers coming to the site in the early awareness phases.

Email Marketing Service Implementation

A specialized email marketing service was implemented with multiple integrations with different applications as well as Facebook and Google Custom Audiences. All automation emails (abandoned cart, customer reactivation, etc.) were carried out.

Website integration with media channels

Integration between the newly created platform and all media channels, Facebook Manager (pixel, domain verification, tracking), Google Ads, Google Merchant, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console has been realized.

Facebook Ads

New Facebook campaigns have been created based on a well-defined architecture on each interaction level. Basically, the way to interact with users was divided into 3 main groups (Top of funnel – TOF, Middle of the funnel – MOF, and Button of the funnel – BOF). The most successful campaigns in the cold interest area were the Dynamic Catalog and Manual Carousel. The most successful campaigns in the warm audience area (BOF) were those that retargeted users who had started the buying process in the last few days but had not purchased. Tests were also run on the last 7, 14, 29, 60, or 90 days. Old customers of the site were also retargeted with new promotions or complimentary products, reminding them of the Travel Planner brand.

Over time, the increased budget allowed us to diversify targeting, especially lookalikes of different sizes (1 – 10%) of site traffic, and top users based on time spent on the site, and actions on the site.

The overall ROAS after applying the new strategy was 300+, an incredible roas (see print screens below).

Google Ads

Campaigns were started on normal Google Search as well as DSAs, at first on manual bidding, and then after the account had reached a certain maturity to switch to bidding based on CPA or 100% target share where the top positions were desired regardless of cost.


Below you can see what you will certainly not see at any agency in Romania, ROASs over 300.

Promovare Facebook si Google Agentie de Travel


Travel Planner achieved major turnover increases of 10% in the first year (in 2020 the pandemic started, but even so they grew, and in 2021 they grew by 100%, even though there were restrictions). The increases were major for a travel agency in the pandemic, given that 98% of the industry reported significant losses. Once again it was confirmed that in tough times, those who know how to adapt and innovate will win even in tough times.

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