Read below how we managed to double the turnover two years in a row

Case study: Children’s Online Shop

Bebeke is an online shop with products for children and pregnant women. They produce their own products, but also sell products from other brands. The total number of active products varies between 4000 and 8000 products depending on the season.

Marketos responsibilities:

Website development, marketing plan, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, Google & Facebook promotion

Scope of work:

Increase the number of orders, increase AOV & CRO


Increase annual turnover by a minimum of 40%

Budget and Useful Links:

Budget website development + strategy €10.000+

Budget Paid Monthly: €12.000+

Marketos story – Bebeke

Marketos took over the client’s initial PPC campaigns because they generated low sales volume. The CEO of the client company decided to work with Marketos because they were unable to manage and cost-effectively increase the amount of money spent on ads while maintaining the rate of return. Marketos started working on Google Ads and Google Shopping account setup in December 2019, to take over the entire online marketing side of the company (Facebook Ads account, Email Marketing service, campaign strategy) from April.

The issues

  • The client set up Google campaigns in 2018 to test the market. They operate in a competitive market, so naturally, they had to watch their margin closely.
  • This caused the retailer to take a cautious approach to how many products they promote and how much they are willing to pay per click.
  • They set their bid amounts very low for all products to ensure they minimize the risk of losing money.
  • They failed to scale campaigns
  • Initial results were encouraging, however when they tried to scale up the campaign they ran into problems, so they reverted to the low bid approach.

The company’s CEO understood the potential that Google had, however, managing campaigns effectively would have been almost impossible without automation and dedicated internal resources.

That’s when he started looking for a data-driven agency that could take their campaigns to the next level and chose us, Marketos.


Our primary objective was to improve conversion rates, increase the number of quality visitors to the site and increase retention rates. We focused on providing as visually pleasing an experience as possible, as well as providing quality content on as many products as possible.


Market Research

A focus group was conducted internally to analyze the main competitors in the online children’s products store segment. The file of all competitors is still used today to check them out and see how they are doing :).

12-month Marketing Plan

Two Personas profiles (customer avatar), cost and yield plan, as well as the marketing plan and postings for the first 3 months after the new site was launched, were made.

Wireframes & Copywriting

Traffic analysis allowed us to understand where the flaws and problems were. Based on this information, we were able to prepare a new wireframe in which we grouped the features we thought should go together and exposed/hidden them according to how often they were used by actual users of the product.

We also prepared a completely new visual hierarchy in which we highlighted important actions and gave users a better understanding of their current progress in rewriting an article.

With the insights, we gained from our user testing, plus the Marketos team’s experience and heuristic methodology from dozens of projects over the years, we were able to build a redefined user flow. We connected the wireframes to clickable prototypes, so we could do user testing again with exactly the same goals (but with new participants).

Wireframes and sales copy (especially on the product side) were prepared and tailored specifically for customers coming to the site in the early awareness phases.

Design and implementation of Shopify

The audit of the website on the open cart platform concluded that the website needed a lot of modification. For financial reasons, the choice of Shopify was clearly superior to a completely custom solution. We migrated the products from the old site and built the new site on the Shopify platform.

Email Marketing Service Implementation

An email marketing service was implemented, specialized for eCommerce and with multiple integrations with different applications as well as Facebook and Google Custom Audiences. All automation emails (abandoned cart, customer reactivation, etc.) were carried out.

Website integration with media channels

Integration between Shopify platform and all media channels, Facebook Manager (pixel, domain verification, tracking), Google Ads, Google Merchant, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console.

Facebook Ads

New Facebook campaigns were created, based heavily on those personas (client avatar). The most successful campaigns in the cold interest area were the Dynamic Catalog and Manual Carousel campaigns. The most successful campaigns on the warm audience zone (BOF) were those that retargeted users who had added products to the cart in the last 2 days but had not purchased. Tests were also run on the last 7, 14, 29, 60, or 90 days. Old customers of the site were also retargeted with new promotions or complimentary products, reminding them of the Bebeke brand.

Over time, the increased budget allowed us to diversify targeting, especially lookalikes of different sizes (1 – 10%) of site traffic, top users based on time spent on the site, and actions on the site.

Overall ROAS is above 7.

Google Ads

The main results come as usual when discussing online stores in Google Shopping. On this account, DSAs also work very well. Overall ROAS is over 8.


Below you can see how turnover is increasing year after year.


Bebeke has achieved turnover increases, well above the 40% proposed at the beginning, even in pandemic conditions.

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