Paid Social Agency in San Francisco – We use creative design and sophisticated A.I. tools to create campaigns that are tailored for your audience.

Facebook and Instagram Ads That Connect With Your Audience Instantly

Facebook and Instagram Ads That Stop The Scrolling!

Our team knows the impact of social media on customer decisions.

By combining creativity with data, we manage to capture your audience’s attention and deliver them the right ad at the right time.

Privacy strategies and the latest technologies help us attract the most relevant audiences and reach out to emerging ones.

We build an advanced strategy, with adequate exclusions to control the customer’s journey; this allows us to achieve consistent and scalable results…because, our goal is to make your business move forward each and every month.

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You’re in need of an agency that understands creativity

Paid Social agencies that don’t understand creativity will witness how the ROAS they once promised is quickly falling off a cliff.

Because of that, not only do we have the best media buyers in the industry on our team, but we’ve also built an amazing creative team. Giving you access to videographers, graphic designers, animators, and motion graphic designers for your brand.

Our creative team produces high-performing ads that convert more customers and reduce your cost per purchase.

We use all the tools that Facebook provides to make sure you’ll get the results you need

We are involved in all aspects of Facebook’s advertising portfolio, creating ads to capture users at every stage of the conversion process.

Detailed analysis and reporting

In order to make the right advertising spending decisions, it’s important to have a robust reporting solution that can break down all your data into easy-to-digest figures.

Our custom reports break down each platform and show you which campaigns, creatives, and texts drive performance.

We are also able to incorporate metrics that are vital to your business to track them, making them completely customized for you.

Want to work with a performance-oriented Facebook and Instagram promotion agency that talks less and offers more?

We use social media platforms to increase revenue, increase profitability, and gain more customers.

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Why should you choose Marketos to promote your brand online?

Because if you have a team of digital marketing professionals on your side, you will have an additional competitive advantage. Marketos helps companies build a strong digital presence, grow their customer base, and grow their sales with our branding, marketing, and web design/development solutions. Our team of experts is handpicked to provide the best solutions for the needs of the digital landscape. Need a high-performance website? Done! Want to get more traffic? Done! Improve your conversions and increase your sales? We already did that! And we will do it for you too.

And, in the end, Marketos’ services will be free, because we will generate a high return on investment that will pay more than marketing fees. Think about this, for the cost of a single marketing employee who is not well versed in important aspects of marketing, you will receive an entire team of experts working on your project.

You look like a very cool agency, you must charge a lot, right?

Not at all! Compared to other Facebook&Instagram Promotion agencies and the ROI we offer, we have been told that we are very reasonably priced. Our pricing structure is very simple and flexible to ensure that both you as a client and we as an agency can grow together.

Get in touch today to get your personalized proposal for Facebook&Instagram Ads.

PPC Marketing results

One of Romania’s TOP traveling agencies, with more than 20.000 REAL reviews. It had a turnover increase of over 110% in the last 2 years, even if there was a pandemic going on.

We help B2B and B2C businesses across a wide range of industries overcome every type of challenge, grow their revenue and grow their companies beyond what they thought possible.

92% increase in turnover in the first year after taking over and 71% in the second year.

We help B2B and B2C businesses across a wide range of industries overcome every type of challenge, grow their revenue and grow their companies beyond what they thought possible.

Known as the best PPC agency in Timișoara

Choose Our PPC Services

Get in touch with us, without any obligation, for a custom PPC plan that works for your brand.

How our PPC management gets results

Giving you the best ROI possible with our PPC strategy is what gets us going! Whether you need us to set up an existing campaign or to start from scratch, our team makes sure that every penny spent brings you the return you need. At the moment we successfully manage budgets of over 250,000 Euros per month, on Google, TikTok, and Facebook & Instagram.

Thorough Keyword Research

We make sure that your ads bring in customers who convert, using in-depth research, landing page testing, and more.

Landing Page Optimization and Design

Not only do we offer you the right ads, but we also focus to give you the right landing page. We know that our landing pages will maximize your customer conversion rate.

Testare Continuă și Cuprinzătoare

Rather than following your instinct, follow our rigorous testing process. We discover what works and what doesn’t for your specific business, maximizing PPC efficiency.

We cover more than just Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Facebook Ads


Pay to appear at the top of a search engine so that you can attract customers who are already interested in your product.


You place yourself in front of active consumers and surpass your competitors on both Google Search and Google Shopping.


Maximize brand awareness and drive conversion by integrating your ads directly into the most popular websites on the Internet.

Retargeting Ads

Save on marketing costs by bringing back previous conversions with proven retargeting tactics.

Social Ads

Get effective social media advertising on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram, all for the same price.

Custom Reporting

Receive full reviews each week directly in your inbox to see where your spending is headed.

Conversion Program

We have in place detailed procedures for analytics, surveys, and other tools that help us refine our conversion funnel.

Robust Tracking

Have a record of the keywords, ads, and landing pages that bring traffic to your website.

Why do clients choose to work with us?

When it comes to running an effective PPC campaign, it’s essential that have not only experienced but also the appropriate certification. Marketos takes pride in having all the necessary PPC certifications, and our team is dedicated to consistently educating itself so that we can keep up in this constantly evolving field.

  • Our team members are experts in all the necessary PPC channels and are dependent on analytics.
  • We build custom sales funnels, customer journeys, and comprehensive marketing strategies into every PPC campaign.
  • Facebook and Google experts.
  • We have a portfolio that shows our stellar PPC results for other clients.
  • We save on your cost per click by coming up with creative ways to capitalize on your promotion.


Sebastian C.

“Very communicative and exceeded my expectations. Extremely fast in processing the feedback and change requests.”

Vlad M.
CMO Anastasios

“We had a surge of bookings once the guys from Marketos took over Google Ads. Acquisition costs are good and they generate profit. I truly hope to continue the collaboration for many years to come.”

Mihai A
CEO WildFashion

“If it wouldn’t be for the exceptional promotion, our business would not have withstood the pandemic. Marketos was the agency that made me happy from the first conversation. The project coordinators there were receptive and assured us that they would produce what we imagined.”

Services beyond our PPC management


Marketos offers a combination of digital marketing services that are aimed at achieving the best results possible.


Are you ready to embark on your growth journey?🚀

Our high-end PPC and retargeting campaigns are proving to be effective from the start, and we have a great track record in reducing cost per click for our clients.

Contact us to schedule a first discussion with no strings attached (it’s free).


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With locations in US, Austria and Romania, Marketos is ready to offer you the best marketing services to grow your business.

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